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bOred applic!

Name: Tasia
Sex: miss
Birthday: 4/8/91
Location: Denver, CO
Grade/Occupation: senior/ torture

Music: folk punk, grindcore, thrash, math rock, techno, blues/classic rock, black metal, house, noise
Bands/Artists:The hail seizures, hercules, sublime, crystal castles, mischief brew, doldrums, pictureplane, jack off jill, david bowie, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, municipal waste, andrew jackson jihad, misfits, phobia, warlock pinchers, aphex twin, skeleton witch, kings of leon
Movies: night breed, waking life, the big lebowski, harold and maude, RHPS, any drag movie.
Television Shows: house, sarah silverman, salad fingers
Subject in School: englishy shit
Cereal: cocoa puffs
Drink: Tea
Bubble Gum: fruit stripe gum!
Game/Board Game: chess
Color:lime green
Animal: catz!
Food: baby greens, beef jerky, avocado
Name(s): alpriken nelabigger
Song: cortship dating- crystal castles
Book: middle sex, a clockwork orange
Scent: sweat
Ice Cream Flavor: sleepless

Racists? are fucked.
Love?is a chemical reaction because are souls are particals
Abortion? flush the fetus, human life isn't that important
Cloning? cool x 2
George W. Bush? over discussed
Alcohol/Drug Use/Cigarettes? if it doesn't interfere with your lifestyle
Anything else you feel strongly about? boys should wear dresses more, art is necessary, my bedroom door should stay closed

Pirate or Ninja? pirates (hardcore boys make my toes curl)
Cake or Death? (+464 points if you know where this is from):neither
Paper or plastic?paper
Sunrise or Sunset? sunset
Any piercings?nope
What about tattoos?nope
Do you have a list of things to do before you die? If so, tell us some of the things up there!: tour america's underground music scene on bike, write a book, be in a gospel choir, get dominated, travel everywhere
Did you ever have an imaginary friend? Tell us about him/her/it: for a day there was a ghost that followed me around.
Eye color? dark brown
Do you still play hide and go seek? i played sardines last in 8th grade
Who's your favorite muppet and why?animal kicks the shit
If you could be someone else famous or not for a day who would it be? i would never be fergie for a day
Who’s your idol, if one? david bowie
Do you have plans to take over the world? If so, please tell us your plan:
I just wanna see as much as possible.
Describe your personality: wild, stupid, peaceful, happy go lucky, painter, poet, musician (vox and guitar), stoner
Do you like taking the coupons out of the coupon dispenser at grocery stores?I used to do it just to make it come out and then throw them away
Would you marry Emma or Megan?if she was a freak and a sick person who abused me.
Pet Peeves? 'pet peeve'
What states/countries have you visited? HI, OH, NM
Craziest thing you’ve ever done in public (includes school)? peed in a washing machine at a laundromat.
What turns you on? lip piercings, bad spelling, musicians, weirdos, body hair(cept back hair), cutters, crust punks, bra less, pearly blue eyes, drag queens, artsy jocks, strap-ons, coffee, virgins, non misogynistic gangsters, animals watching you fuck, dykes
What turns you off? elitists, x, thugs, fake nails, baby talk, overly blonde and tan, forced conversation, girly clothes, hardcore dancing, crack addicts, politics.
What’s your greatest adventure on an elevator? moving lots of shit to another floor all at once.
Tell us something interesting about yourself that you think we don’t want to know: i use way to much clorox when I do the dishes, and it makes my knuckles crackly and dry
Tell us about your friends: rude, young, horny, addicts who couldn't give a fuck.
Did you tell your friends about us? (You should): they'll never know.
Any hobbies? poetry, toking, kitty petting, masturbating, magnetic words.
Make up a question to ask us (We'll add it to the application if we like it): are you tribal?
Does this application suck?yeah I'm gonna stop filling it out.
Make up a poem right here and now (It doesn't have to be excellent..but make it funny):
shitty poetry is,
after all, the only way to
get a religious girl to fuck you.
that sheltered, precious golden blonde,
wants to know that your her
'one and only'

What’s the greatest/funniest thing you’ve ever done when you’re bored?
washed the kitchen floor with my body.
What do you think you can bring to this community? choloism.
Are you going to promote us somewhere? (It’s not required, but we do like it when people do)I might.
Please give us at least one Photo of yourself
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