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"Hey, look at me. I like to dream."

if you're looking for how my weekend was dont look here... megan is updating (soon I hope) with pictures: minus_yesterday (dont feel pressured)




Her: “Do not follow any farther or they will kill you.”

He: “It does not matter when I die. I shall not turn back. I do this because I love you.”

That night he wrapped her long hair around his arm. The young man awoke alone.


... yeah, finally found the book I was looking for a while back.



I clean myself with inspirational products...


All-One Pure Castile Soap:

“A human being works hard to teach love his enemy, to help unite all mankind free, or that being is not yet human.”

“We can no longer life half-slave, half-free! We unite the human race.” (Abraham Lincoln)

“The intensity of a man’s emotions is a greater driving force and more decisive than the sum total of his education, his money, plus the size of his brain.”

“Machine age man is full of sense and nonsense, fear, greed, and jealousy, destroying his every land; today the whole wide world craves love, faith, and courage.”

“When half-truth is gone and we are dust, the full-truth we print, protect and teach alone lives on!”

“Whatever unites mankind is better than whatever divides us!”

This was less than a 5th of what’s written on one bottle of soap.

I bet Gandhi would have washed with this. Also for all you vegans out there, it’s made with organic oils, not animal tested, and put in a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle.


'Cleanliness is next to godliness but love can spark dust to life.'

… Ah yes… inspirationally clean.


muahahahaaa no pictures for you

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