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bOred applic! [19 Jan 2009|09:07pm]

[ mood | okay ]

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http://www.masturbateforpeace.com/haiku.html [10 Apr 2006|12:58am]

Song For Peace

Sung to the tune of The Caissons Go Rolling Along

Sing our song,
Grab your dong,
Squeeze some joy juice on your thong,
When your jerkin your gherkin for peace.

Grab your prick,
Swat your dick,
Shoot your load and make it stick,
When your jerkin your gherkin for peace.


Oh it Woo Ha Hi,
I just came right in my eye,
Leave something viscous on your knees,
When you pull your pole,
You're always in control
When your jerkin your gherkin for peace.

You're no fool,
Stroke that tool
'Till you finally start to droll,
When you're jerkin' your gherkin for peace.

Slap that cock,
Jolt your rocks,
Come so hard you fill your socks,
When you're jerkin' your gherkin for peace.

- Alan, Missouri
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[18 Mar 2006|09:48pm]

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[17 Mar 2006|03:54am]

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"Hey, look at me. I like to dream." [17 Jan 2006|06:16pm]

[ mood | *DisappointedAboutNoComments* ]

if you're looking for how my weekend was dont look here... megan is updating (soon I hope) with pictures: minus_yesterday (dont feel pressured)




Her: “Do not follow any farther or they will kill you.”

He: “It does not matter when I die. I shall not turn back. I do this because I love you.”

That night he wrapped her long hair around his arm. The young man awoke alone.


... yeah, finally found the book I was looking for a while back.



I clean myself with inspirational products...


All-One Pure Castile Soap:

“A human being works hard to teach love his enemy, to help unite all mankind free, or that being is not yet human.”

“We can no longer life half-slave, half-free! We unite the human race.” (Abraham Lincoln)

“The intensity of a man’s emotions is a greater driving force and more decisive than the sum total of his education, his money, plus the size of his brain.”

“Machine age man is full of sense and nonsense, fear, greed, and jealousy, destroying his every land; today the whole wide world craves love, faith, and courage.”

“When half-truth is gone and we are dust, the full-truth we print, protect and teach alone lives on!”

“Whatever unites mankind is better than whatever divides us!”

This was less than a 5th of what’s written on one bottle of soap.

I bet Gandhi would have washed with this. Also for all you vegans out there, it’s made with organic oils, not animal tested, and put in a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle.


'Cleanliness is next to godliness but love can spark dust to life.'

… Ah yes… inspirationally clean.


muahahahaaa no pictures for you

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O MY [21 Dec 2005|07:13pm]

this place feels weak it needs iron.
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some crap about handling negative people [11 Dec 2005|04:31pm]

This is something to think about when negative people are doing their best to rain on your parade. So remember this story the next time someone who knows nothing and cares less tries to make your life miserable.

A woman was at her hairdresser's getting her hair styled for a trip to Rome with her boyfriend. She mentioned the trip to the hairdresser who responded Rome? Why would anyone want to go there? It's crowded and dirty and full of Italians. You're crazy to go to Rome. So, how are you getting there?"

"We're taking Continental," was the reply. "We got a great rate!"
"Continental?" exclaimed the hairdresser. "That's a terrible airline.
Their planes are old, their flight attendants are ugly, and they're always late.
So, where are you staying in Rome?"

"We'll be at this exclusive little place over on Rome's Tiber River called Teste."

"Don't go any further. I know that place. Everybody thinks it's gonna be something special and exclusive, but it's really a dump, the worst hotel in the city! The rooms are small, the service is surly and they're overpriced.
Whatcha doing when you get there?"

"We're going to go to see the Vatican and we hope to see the Pope"

"That's rich," laughed the hairdresser. "You and a million other people trying to see him. He'll look the size of an ant. Boy, good luck on this lousy trip of yours. You're going to need it."

A month later, the woman again came in for a hairdo. The hairdresser asked her about her trip to Rome.

"It was wonderful," explained the woman, "not only were we on time in one of Continental's brand new planes, but it was overbooked and they bumped us up to first class. The food and wine were wonderful, and I had a handsome 28-year-old steward who waited on me hand and foot. And the hotel was great.
They'd just finished a $5 million remodeling job and now it's a jewel, the finest hotel in the city. They, too, were overbooked, so they apologized and gave us their owner's suite at no extra charge!"

"Well," muttered the hairdresser, "That's all well and good, but I know you didn't get to see the Pope."

"Actually, we were quite lucky, because as we toured the Vatican, a Swiss Guard tapped me on the shoulder and explained that the Pope likes to meet some of the visitors and if I'd be so kind as to step into his private
room and wait, the Pope would personally greet me. Sure enough, five minutes later, the Pope walked through the door and shook my hand! I knelt down
and he spoke a few words to me."

"Oh, really! What'd he say?"

"He said, 'Where'd you get the shitty hairdo?'"
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[16 Nov 2005|06:39pm]

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[11 Nov 2005|07:25am]

Come on I know we can give this place some life again JUST BELIEVE.
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Andy Milonakis [04 Sep 2005|11:38pm]

Fuckin dead ass community.
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READ THIS SHIT... [01 Sep 2005|06:22pm]

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[31 Aug 2005|05:37pm]

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[17 Aug 2005|10:00am]

God, I updated the hell out of my myspace. What a waste. Check it out. Link's in bio.
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[16 Aug 2005|04:44am]

Tablets of Orion
Cities Megan knows these cats. Good shit.
The Fugue
Rhett Brewer
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[10 Aug 2005|08:40am]

Dane Cook's Retaliation is fucking amazing.

"Watermelon is the only good flavor of jolly rancher candies. I will say that. Thank you for agreeing with me. If you SAY SOUR APPLE, I will STAB you in the jaw. Sour apple sucks. If you believe that sour apple is good you meet me out in the lobby after the show, I'll be the guy stabbing jaws. There's not too many of us out there. Just look for the guy... stabbing jaws - that's me. Come up, say hello, and I will stab you in the jaw."

All the better stuff I couldn't ruin. Check this out.
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[08 Aug 2005|02:48pm]

this is claire, my old username was attentivebodies.
i was a weenie, but now i'm back.

.. IN BLACK?Collapse )

i hope you got pleasure from my bored-ness.
♥, claire.
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[08 Aug 2005|06:35am]

R.I.P. Peter Jennings.
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"Last time we went to the beach, Junior stepped on a beach ball and thought he contracted AIDS."

I'll add more later.
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[28 Jul 2005|02:56pm]


Hey,it Gives me something to post.. -shrugs- The first time I saw ti I laughed.

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[14 Jul 2005|04:18pm]

Everyone knows how much I hate spiders right?

yeah... a lot.

but I do have a favorite spider.

It's a little wolf spider about 3 mm long and he lives on my computer screen.

His name is Mozart.

He risks his little spider life batteling agianst the radiation boiling from the monitor just for a momentary glimpse of his love.

Thats right everyone... this little guy FOLLOWS my mouse curser accross the screen!


MozartCollapse )

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